My 2 Cents Google Announced Universal Analytics

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Official Google analytics blog reports about launching of Universal analytics for large businesses. This new offer works with API and must help customers to convert Google analytics to their needs and integrate with own database.

The main features of Universal analytics:

  • Consumers use multiple devices
Tools from Measurement Protocol allow users to send own data about business using any device to own analytics account.

  • The world is mobile
Few days ago Google has updated Mobile app analytics and Universal analytics enables you to integrate your data with mobile app.

  • Cross-channel measurement is essential
You can discover relationships between the channels that drive conversations.

  • Your business is unique
Universal analytics enables you to integrate own data with analytics account and customize the etrics you need such as goals, reports etc.


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I have observed that Google always loves to provide user friendly results and apps. These are the steps for the same. I had also analytics for my iphone and get update on finger tips. BTW thanks for updates. Keep on sharing.


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nice to know information. google comes always with something innovative things and this update is one such thing
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