My 2 Cents Google Bans Essay Writing Adverts

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Google is to ban adverts for essay writing services - following claims that plagiarism is threatening the integrity of university degrees.

There have been complaints from universities about students being sold customised essays on the internet.

The advert ban from the Google search engine has been "warmly welcomed" by university authorities.

But it has angered essay writing firms which say this will unfairly punish legitimate businesses.

From next month, Google will no longer take adverts from companies which sell essays and dissertations - and the internet company has written to advertisers to tell them about the policy.

Plagiarism software

The move has been applauded by universities which have struggled with the problem of students dishonestly submitting material copied from the internet.

University lecture
Universities warn that plagiarism "devalues" higher education

"Making life harder for these cynical web 'essay mills' is a step in the right direction," says Professor Drummond Bone, president of Universities UK.

"We welcome this move. Essay writing sites claim that students pay hundreds of pounds for model answers - but do not then submit these as their own work. We all know this claim is absurd."

The universities organisation says that in particular there have been difficulties with essays bought by students from companies which sell tailor-made answers, where fees can be up to £5,000 for a single piece of extended work.

There have been reports of up to 12,000 essays being sold to students in a year, says Universities UK.


Too bad, i used some essays i found with help of google in the past :D


WHy? what is wrong with it? Surely the universities can see that the work is not belonging to the student and simply mark them down because of it!


I think it should not be a problem if you not copy other peoples work, using it it a starting point or use it as a reference.


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I think this is a good move.

It’s not easy for a tutor to find out if someone has copied their work from the Internet. Most universities are now implementing plagiarism machines which can easily tell if work has been copied.

Paying someone to do your work may help you in achieving a high mark but what about when a student goes for the exam. Who will they pay to do the exam

If a university student is caught copying work in the U.K, they are given a warning and then it's disciplinary action

I agree with Temi in regards to citation.

Students will probably not achieve any marks if they cite Google as the source, as Google is a search engine. It is the search result from Google which is used that needs to be cited.
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