Google Bombed Again!

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The search giant Google is again affected by a Googlebomb as a regular search for the term "failure" returns you a picture with the president of the United States, George W. Bush. As far I can see, the picture appears only when the user searches with the recently introduced features for Google Image Search that enable them to search for certain parts of the subject's body.
Yesterday, I presented you some tricks discovered by blogger Ionut Alex that allow you to search only for photos showing the face of a person. All you need to do is to add the code "&imgtype=face" at the end of the search URL.

Today, Googlified discovered that if you add the above code in the search URL and type "failure" in the search box, the Google search engine returns you the picture of the presidents of the United States. In the past, Google encountered this problem several times, most of the users reporting that typing "failure" in the search box brings you the picture of George W. Bush.



Google rarely uses 100% of its algo. the various filters are triggered by other events that raise or lower the bar of secondary filters being applied.

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Hmm can't show the source here (mainly because I forgot it) but this also happenned a while back with the actual French President.

Is that any kind of subliminal message?
Just kidding.
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