Google does not want webmasters fixated on PageRank

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I read the article below which said Googel tells wembasters to move on with PageRank, in other words, PageRank is not important. The question I would like to ask Googles why not just remove pagerank completely from all sites? That way those who worship pagerank will have their god killed off.

PageRank, in the past, was one of the 200 signals that Google used to crawl, index and rank web pages. Ever since Google removed PageRank from its webmasters toolbar it has been urging webmasters to considers more relevant features like CTR's, bounce rates, ROI and Conversion rates that give the actual performance of their pages.

Explaining that PageRank is no longer"if it ever was"the be-all and end-all of ranking, Google's Susan Moskwa has pointed out that Google has made several changes in its algorithm recently which now makes relevance the top ingredient in their search results. PageRank might have been a distinguished feature of Google's algorithm back in early 00s , but with the given rate of changes that Google had introduced ever since (approximately 9 per week), it has not been updated more than a couple of times a year and so now Google is asking webmasters (yet again) to not depend on this

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Well i don't understand Google's strategies.One time it said not to depend on page rank at the same time it changes its algorithms of page rank so frequently.Well i give more emphasis on SERP only not for page rank.


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High page rank is not necessary to rank for key-phrases. For example, I have seen PR 4 and below sites ranking for easy or moderately competitive key-phrases.
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