Google Insiders Cash Out Half Billion Dollars

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Google Insiders Cash In $500 Million

By TechWeb News

A group of Google Inc. executives led by co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page and chief executive Eric E. Schmidt have cashed in over $500 million in Google stock, but investment banking analysts say the sales haven't made a dent in the search engine company's financial health.

The Washington Post reported Thursday that the sales by Brin and Page represent just a tiny piece of their Google holdings. Brin sold 1.03 million shares to raise $198.3 million according to Thomson Financial, which compiled the figures from Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

Page sold 1.2 million shares to raise $226.5 million while Schmidt, who had cashed in substantial amounts of stock from previous management stints at Sun Microsystems and Novell, raised $65.8 million from his sales of Google stock. Other sellers included venture capitalist L. John Doerr, a Google director, who sold $29.9 million worth of stock.

Several additional Google executives and directors sold lesser amounts of stock.

The Washington Post quoted investment analysts who suggested the stock sales were normal and occurred during periods when large financial institutions purchased Google stock. The stock was listed at $177.61 in mid-day trading Thursday.


The article says that this was only a tiny piece of Brin's and Page's Google holdings. I am wondering how much they have.

On another note, when is Google stock going to split?
This price is rediculous.
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