Google is More Intelligent - Don't get penalized

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Yellow Belt

I just want to share some of the facts which I have learnt these years about the SEO and Optimization. One think what I can say is Google is more intelligent then what we think in ranking your sites. I will be posting frequently in the coming posts. That may help new SEO's to learn easily. In my first post I am writing about the PR Punishment by Google. All my posts will be based on Google search engine.

Don't get penalized

This is from my experience. When it comes to selling links in your website, google is very strict and if they found out, it is sure they will be punishing you. Here punishing is reducing your PR. But it doesn't affect your SERP since the SERP is calculated on many other equations. Toolbar PR is very important for you to market your site. Some people argue that toolbar PR is not so important but I could see still people are giving importance for that. I can give you few points on placing the external links in your site:

  1. Reduce the number of external links that will increase your PR leakage.
  2. Don't give external links if it is not related to your niche. This is one easy way for google to find the Link forms.
  3. Give external links if it is more related to your niche, that will help your PR.
    If you have BLOG, then don't add more links on the side bar.
  4. Always keep checking your forums and blog comments if there is spam posts. It is always good if you approve the comments for your blog. In the case of forums you have to delete all the spams otherwise it will be indexed in google and more chance for degrade your site from the search engines.
  5. Don't allow any malware to be installed in your site. It happened to me few weeks back, when google detected malware from my site it started banning all the pages in my site and issues warning to users.
  6. Don't copy the content from other sites. Please always try to write the original content.


kks, good tips there. For general bloggers however, I have seen that giving links to non related websites doesn't really affect them :)

Overall a good check list. I would like to add that you should also nofollow your login / register pages because there is hardly any content there.


Yellow Belt can add no follow pages when you don't want to leak the page ranks. Even google suggest to use no follow for the paid links. I don't think most of us are following that rules since the web masters main business is selling links ;).
But the content is king, when you write unique article google always find the value of your content. it is important that you have some importance for the keywords in the content.


Yellow Belt
Google wants quality web pages to be indexed in their index. Since the pages are crawled (crawling is the way how google finds and scan your pages) by a robots programs, it has certain criteria to be met for an quality web page. That is why every one is trying to learn SEO.

I never understand what google want
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