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With the recent changes that Google & Yahoo have made to their ad ranking and ad relevancy algorithm, many marketers worldwide have been (and still are ) seen a huge hit to their campaigns. If you have felt this "slap" or want to avoid it, then you should pay full attention to this tutorial. The most common problems are the minimum cost-per-click on keywords and the ad positioning. If you have seen your minimum bid prices skyrocket to prices that seem too high, you are getting slapped....AND WE CAN HELP!

This tutorial is going to focus on some techniques that should be used to run PPC optimized campaigns and will allow you to get your bid prices back down to "normal" levels.

Why the Change?

Before we dive into the specifics on how to solve the problem, we need to understand why this was put into place and how this is actually a good thing for marketers.

Google prides themselves on "relevancy" and delivering the highest quality search results to their users. By doing this they "keep" people who use Google from using other search engines. In December 2005, Google implemented a change to their Quality Score algorithm. When a new ad group is created Google sends out a bot to "crawl" our page looking for relevancy. If Google determines that your page is relevant, you will get a higher Quality Score than if your page is not relevant. In July 2006 we have seen yet another "Tweak" to this algorithm as Google tries to increase the relevancy and quality of their search results even further.

We've come up with some VERY Simple guidelines that you can use when writing your Google Ads that will help.. Read on...

Relevancy Checklist

Relevancy is what has affected most marketers as their ads, keywords, and landing pages are not relevant enough. Below is a checklist of things to consider when creating your landing pages and when writing your ads.

NOTE: You are going to hear the term "Focus Keyword(s)". This term refers to the exact keywords that you are promoting. Ad Writing - When writing your ad, make sure that you use the EXACT keywords within your ad group in both your ad title and description. This will result in very high ad relevancy
Word Count - Your landing page needs to have a significant amount of relative content listed on it. You should have at least 500 words on your landing page.
Keyword Density - Our tests have shown that pages with a keyword density of between 2% and 5% is required to get the lowest minimum bid on your keywords. Having the keywords spread out within the headline, content and page title are typically adequate.
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