My Experience Google launches panda 4.0 update and payday loan 2.0

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As you know Matt Cutts pointed that Panda updating every month and they will not be announcing each update. But this time Matt via his Twitter told that Panda 4.0 was rolled out on 21st of May, on Tuesday. It means that this update must be significant and many users will notice changes in rankings.

Matt Cutts said that Panda 4.0 will affect roughly 7.5 of English queries and I have to say it is even bigger than Penguin update. Also it must affect different languages.

The second update was Payday Loans to version no.2. Matt says that Google received many positive feedback in UK. People who searched for Payday Loans in Google UK, were very glad to see this update. They have changed the algorithm but he did not say too much detail about exactly how they work. I assume that general payday loans queries must be a little cleaner.

Have you noticed any changes in your sites ranking?



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Panda and penguin, both are the most dangerous algorithm for any website.. To recover the site from this is very difficult..
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