Google Launches the Google Enterprise Professional Program

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Google offers enterprises which want to use the power of the search engine a series of hardware and software products, like Google Desktop Search for Enterprises and Google Search Appliance.

A few months ago, Google announced a drastic price cut for the Google Search Appliance series, but this product

cannot be personalized to fit the companies’ profile.

That’s why Google has decided to launch Google Enterprise Professional, a program which will allow some if its partners to design specific solutions using the Google products, which will be sold afterwards to companies. The program is available to software developers, consultants and independent producers; according to Google, there are already 2,000 clients.

With this partnership, Google hopes to convince the companies of its searching abilities and to increase the revenues. The Google products for companies are currently generating millions of dollars, but the online ads are still the principal source of revenue.

Other companies offering these products have criticized Google’s algorithms for being too Internet dependent. For example, the famous Page Rank relies only on the number of links pointing to a certain address, a situation which cannot be adapted to a company network.

But Google thinks that its products can meet the requirements of any data center.

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