Google offers 1.5million books to download FREE onto your mobile phone

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Yellow Belt
Google today launched a free service allowing people to read books on their mobile phones.

The internet firm is offering 1.5million electronic novels to download, including classics such as Oliver Twist, Emma and The Jungle Book.

It believes the latest generation of phones, which have large colour screens, now make it viable to provide the service.

Google said it hoped it would lead to more people reading regularly.

The move will see the firm taking on Amazon and Sony, which offer dedicated electronic book readers.

Experts said they expected an online battle for the market.

Stuart Miles, of gadget website Pocket-lint, said: 'Google has obviously seen how Amazon dominated the online selling of real books, and wants to stop that happening again.

'By offering free, out-of-copyright books they can instantly offer this huge library.

'Google's approach is also very clever because it is costing them very little, as they don't have to develop their own hardware.'



Yellow Belt
As for me, I always enjoy reading so I guess I need to have the phone that supports this.. BTW, what are the supported phones? And do google include trade books as well?
That's a nice move from Google even though we're in an IT era right now wherein mankind keeps improving tje technology... people still enjoy reading books. :)
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