Google recrawls Main Web Index every 2 weeks

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According to an interview Rand Fishkin posted on SEOmoz this week, Matt Cutts claims that Google recrawls the Web (as represented by their Main Web Index) about every 2 weeks. I can infer much from that but won't say more here.
The Supplemental Results Index (which, in my opinion, represents most of the Web) seems to be getting rebuilt maybe once every 2 months, give or take. I'm still not sure about that.
As part of their discussion, Rand asked Matt how much of the Web actually changes. Matt referred to a very old study that concluded the average half-life of a page is about 45 days, but he said that today there are still "tens of millions of pages" that change frequently (while many others change rarely or not at all).


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Im not to sure about this as it is based on averages.
I have pages on my site that get checked every day or two and others that simply dont get checked very often. Its a pain in the A%$£ if you are trying to get your suplimental page into the main index as you have to wait months to see the results.

I have just restructured my site and 301'ed the old pages to new ones in an attempt to get most of main main shop out of suplimental. Its working but will take a week or two to know how well.
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