My 2 Cents Google Removes Payday Loan Ads From Paid Search

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Few months Google was under pressure of European Union about short-term loan ads in its paid search. And now they have changed Adwords policy. According to updated version, Google can't allow the ads where landing page does not include contact information and a representative example of all rate and payment terms.

One of the biggest UK short-term loan site Moneysupermarket has been pulled from Adwords because now it is in violation of Google's guidelines.

Google pulled all Moneysupermarket's domain level ads including all campaigns across car and home insurance on Saturday (6 April) evening. The ads were down for over 24 hours before the issues were rectified by Moneysupermarket, according to sources.

You can find updated Adwords policy here


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Just because of the contact information or because they were pay-day loan sites?
No, it just because of the contact information. If you do not have contact information & terms & conditions on your website then your ad will be disapprove from Google.
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