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Google has launched a great program Google Site Map that helps you to crawl your site successfully and very fast where you may describe how frequent your site content changed.
Google Site Maps Beta is a new service by Google designed for website owners which enables you to proactively and automatically crawl information about your website to Google. This sitemap can help provide Google with more information about your website than usually crawled by the Google.
You can create Google Sitemap within Minutes using out tool Google sitemap Creator. Simply Create Sitemap and submit it to Google both in .TXT or .XML format. XMl format is Best for creating sitemap.

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Thanks for the heads up. I have discovered several shopping cart systems have downloadable contributions to automatically create sitemaps.

I have installed two for oscommerce, one is a sitemap creator and the other is a google specific XML sitemap generator.


sitemaps are great for sites that have spidering problems, but they can also hurt rankings if not done properly.
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