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Google's latest lab trial is likely to add another layer to search engine marketing. The new Google Suggest automatically suggests keyphrase searches to you as you type.

The technology is impressive. These matches are worked out in real time and do actually appear as fast as you type. Google's engine is able to check your half completed word against its vast database in lightening quick time.

There are serious marketing implications too. No longer is a matter of knowing which key phrases are the most popular; now you must also consider which key phrases search engine users at Google might be tempted with on route to the key phrases they're most likely to start typing. In addition the search suggestion preview tool shows how many matches Google has for the key phrase and that may well influence the searchers' decisions.

Unlike some of Google "graduated" features the Google Suggest tool works in other languages too. Type a search suggest in German for example.

Then there's the Google humour in the FAQ for the search engine's Suggest tool.

"Can Google Suggest see what I'm typing?
Just as E.T.(TM) needs to phone home in order to get a spaceship to pick him up, Google Suggest needs to talk to Google while you type in order to offer suggestions to you. Everything you type, though, is protected by Google's privacy policy."

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