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Hello everyone!

My name is "grumpypants" but feel free to call me "grump" (though I'm not so gruuump).

I'm a typical Internet junkie, watching Youtube and spending all my free time on forums and Tumblr. It's way better than spending half my life in front of the television. When I'm not online, I'm working a desk job for a loan company in their accounting department. When I'm not either of those things, I'm being super creative with drawing, writing, or making costumes. I'm a productive person, and I don't like being bored.

I'm excited to start posting on these forums, especially scoping out the graphic design and programming threads. They're my jam, man. :cool:

Thanks for having me here!


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Official Welcome & Hi Grump. We finally have someone who will pay attention to the design and programming areas. Most of the threads are old and locked, if you find something interesting and need it to be unlocked, please don't hesitate to holler.

While most people use this forum to find work and find workers or work related learning, I believe we can make it more fun if we get to know our fellow members and probably have fun while browsing and posting around here. And do check out our writing competition to start off the new year, the announcement is posted.


Oh believe me, those two boards will be my safe haven! I also am checking out the business boards, too, since I have been working for corporations and the like since I got out of college. I've been fancying the idea of starting my own little business one day, so I miiight be taking a stroll in those forums every so often too. Plus, it looks like a lot of people flock to those boards, so I might find some good advice and tips for everyday business practices! (Hey, I do work for a corporate office, ya know? :D)

I will definitely give you a shout out if I find something I would like to be unlocked for me to get the conversation going again! Thanks Solmak! You rock!


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Hi grumpypants!

Welcome to WMS. I'm also a newbie here as I only started yesterday. Still trying to learn some stuffs and hopefully I would be familiar with how WMS works in no time. Feel free to share your ideas and wisdom to us. I'm really excited to learn new things from you.

See you around and have fun!