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Has anyone read any books by Jay Conrad Levinson?  He wrote a series of books about marketing cheaply and inexpensively called Guerilla Marketing.  I think that the Guerilla Marketing tips he gives are good, but in his books he doesnt really describe HOW TO as much as WHAT TO.  This is frustrating, because someone can tell me all day that I need to write a Guerilla Marketing Plan, but if they dont tell me HOW TO do it, im never going to get it done!


YEs, I have read Guerilla Marketing. THis days I have re-read some chapters, but you know, some times the bussiness plans, and some of the ideeas is good for bussiness but not for web business. I always "see" the web business a very special "chapter" of the business :)


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Guerilla Marketing

For Guerilla marketing to be effective it is important to find a niche for what you are going to be promoting.

What you do is find an already existing successful ad campaign and time your promotion to go injunction with theirs and high jack their promotional campaign with your service.

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