Tutorial Guide On Infographics And Seo

Zirkon Kalti

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Infographics is a graphic visual used primarily in presenting data in a way that allow human to easily absorb the information. Most people like to see picture more than reading words so using infographics enable them to assimilate the information more easily. Research shows that 93% of the communication that human process is non verbal.

Infographic is Easy to Scan and Assimilate
Human can process visuals 60 times faster compared to reading text and only remember 20% of the text they read. Infographic serves as a visual ads with high mnemonic value as it has the ability to capture the attentions of users and. The benefit about infographic is that it allows you to present complicated data in easy to scan visual rather than have you publishing the tables and charts on a single page.

Infographic Can Help You to Get More Backlinks
You can share your infographic by posting them on sites such as Pinterest. When people like your infographic, they will post it on their blogs and give you a link back. You can include a link to your landing page at the bottom so that people know where to give a credit link back when they want to use your infographic.Your website to rank higher because of the free links you get from those who decided to publish it on their blogs. Someone may get curious about your products/services and come to your site from the link you provided in the visual. This brings you direct traffic that will convert into sales.

Infographic Raises Brand Awareness
You can include a logo of your company at the bottom of the infographic to raise awareness about your brand. Aside from including the logo, you can also integrate the theme color of your brand in the design of the infographic. Doing so will create an emotional experience for prospective customers happen to come across it. The design of your visual will identify the values of your brand and products.

Get Recognized as Expert in This Field
Creating an infographic in your related niche shows that you have knowledge in this topic. Your customers will respect you and recognize you as the expert. People are more likely to buy your products/services when you demonstrate that you have good knowledge in this field. If you don't know how to create an infographic, you can hire a designer. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars to hire a professional design agency to create it. Many people on fiverr are willing to design the infographics for just $5.

Promoting Your Infographics
When optimizing your infographic, make sure you don't target the same keyword as the keyword you are using for your e-commerce store. Instead, target on a different keyword and link the infographic to 1 – 2 relevant products. You can recycle the same data on the infographics into an article or press release and submit it to the article directories to get more backlinks.

When you are ready to publish it, you can ask your friends to review it and provide feedback. After uploading, make sure you promote it. It is wrong to just upload the graphic on the web and not do anything about it. Many infographics fail because nothing has been done to promote it.

If your infographic is superb, it can easily get viral on the social media networks. Superb visuals can drive high conversion traffic to your site, CRM sign up and sales leads. Infographics that successfully become popular on the web will give SEO benefits to your site for a very long time.

The presence of social media networks make people automatically think of going there to share their infographics. You can post it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, and Instagram. You can provide some bonus such as free ebook or tutorials for those who decided to download your infographic. This can give people incentives to share your infographic and post it on their blog. You must do your best to promote your infographic so that people will be able to find and share it.

To make your infographic popular, you can ask bloggers in related niche to publish your it or ask your friends to help sharing it. Make sure you share the results of the marketing effort for the infographics with your friends such as total views. Sometimes, demonstrating these stats on your blog post will encourage others to share the infographic as well.


Red Belt
Infographic is a graphical information provided for your website services and products. They are usually built and submitted in various Web2.0 platforms to generate more traffic to your website. They also help to build backlinks for your website and contribute to keyword ranking for your websites.

Furqan Rashid

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Infographics are the mirror of your company like your name and logo. I would recommend every new startup to get their graphic material designed professionally before launch.

Manish Mishra

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Infographics are the new way to reach out to your client. After social bookmarking this is another way of saying or letting people know about your website or product. This is a kind of pictorial speech that makes more meaning reach to people.
This is the latest in SEO to be used as an advertisement purpose.


It's Game Time!
I really love how infographics is well-designed and presented to the audience, and it is booming right now as we speak. If we combine it with proper on and off-page optimization, this is going to bring a lot of traffic and rankings for us. I remember the first time I saw an infographic type content was two years ago, and until now it keeps getting stronger and more exposure than I've ever imagine. However, only those who are good in web designing are having the ability to design attractive and engaging infographics to their audience. The world is changing and evolving right now.