Tutorial Guide On The Advantages Of Hashtags For Your Business And How To Create It

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer

Hashtag, also known as the pound sign is becoming an increasingly popular trend in social media. Many social media users have used hashtag to keep track on topics and conversations. It is a powerful tool for marketers to increase their reach to their targeted customers.

Hashtag Can Improve Your Brand Visibility
Small business can make use of hash tag to increase the visibility of their brands on the social media network. For example, Red Bull use the hashtag #givesyouwing which becomes hugely popular on targeted consumers on the social networks. A recent study shows that 41% of Twitter users say they would click a hashtag to find out more about a brand. It is estimated that 34% of users on Twitter use hashtag to find information on their favorite brands or topics.

Hashtag Can Increase User Engagement
Many social media networks such as Twitter has a list of trending hashtags where users can find popular discussion topics in real time. You can participate in the high traffic discussion by posting an update with the hashtag. Users who read your update will be able to learn more about your business. Tweets that have hashtag is twice more likely to get user engagement compared to tweeets that do not contain hashtags. Tweets that use 1 – 2 hashtag has 21% higher engagement comapared to tweets with more than two hashtags. About 17% of tweets that use more than 2 hashtag see a 17% drop in user engagement.

How to Create a Good Hashtag
You can create an original hashtag in conjuction to a promotional offer, webinar, conference, and campaign. You can also create a lifestyle for example outdoor activities and trending hashtag to increase your popularity. Hashtag is also great for compiling tips and facts. Experts recommend using different numbers of hastags for different networks. For example, you can use 10 or more hashtags for Instagram and 2 – 3 hashtags for Twitter.

The hashtag you create must be related to your business. Make sure to mention the hashtag in your post. Keep the message in your post simple to encourage people to join in the conversation. You only have 140 characters to write in a single tweet so write in your creativity to encourage people to share their opinions. Good hashtags are short, easy to spell and easy to remember. There is a higher likelihood for people to include the hashtag in their post if it is easy to remember. There should be a blank space before and after the hashtag. To make the hashtag look fluent, you can include it within the post content instead of at the end of the post. The first letter of the hashtag should be capitalized so that people can easily see and read it.

When using hashtag on Facebook, make sure you set up the privacy setting. The hashtag won't become available to public by default so you have to change the privacy setting in the profile. Before using a hashtag, you should do some research to make sure it is not already in use. You can visit other social networking sites to see if the hashtag that come across your mind is already in use.

Use Tagboard to Manage Your Hashtag Campaign
If you want to manage a hashtag campaign across different social platforms, it is recommended that you use Tagboard. Tagboard is a free online tool which you can use to organize your hashtags and see all the updates on the social activities of your customer in real time. You can also conveniently address any negative feedback from customer from the user interface of Tagboard.

Use an Analytics Software to Monitor the Performance of Your Hashtag Campaign
You can use an analytics software to see if the using of hashtag help you to reach out to more potential customers. In facebook, you can take a look at the Reach and Engagement Numbers to find out if the hashtag makes a difference. You can brand every single one of your Facebook page with a special hashtag. This will make it easy for you to share information about a product or subject matter. Remember don't include too many promotional language in the post as it can turn people away and make them reluctant to share it with their friends.


Content Writer
Hashtags are indeed very useful in promoting a business especially in Twitter. They are also used to encourage interaction from other people who have certain interests on a particular product or service.