Tutorial Guide To Registering A Domain Name For Your Online Business

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The domain name defines the products/services you are offering. It is important to choose a good domain name that people can easily remember if you want to succeed and get a lot of sales. If your domain name is too long, people will have problem remembering it. As a result, there will be lower number of people returning to your site to browse the products.

Choose a Short and Easy to Remember Domain Name


The domain name you choose must be short and easy to pronounce so that people can remember it. If you do research, you will find that the majority of single and two words domains names are no longer available. Therefore, you will have to use your own creativity to brainstorm the domain name. If you can't come up with a unique name, you can try blending two whole words, tweak a whole word, or use prefix and suffix to create the domain name. For example, Travelocity uses a prefix 'o' to join two words together. Etsy is an example of a completely unique domain name. Microsoft combines two words, micro and soft to form a unique brand name. If you rely on the search engine for traffic, it is recommended that you include real words in the domain name. If you rely on advertising to drive traffic to the site, it will be better that your domain consists of your brand name as keyword.

Is Hyphenated Domains Good for SEO?


Some people claimed to see a drop in their search engine ranking for using hyphens in their domains. They observed that majority of the sites that appear on top of the search results do not include hyphens. The search engines treat it as separator between the different words used in the domain names. Spammers like to use hyphens to stand out in the search results. Hyphenated domains are considered spammy by many search engines. Hyphenated domains can be difficult to remember. People often forgot the dash when they type the domain name and end up at a different site. Domainnamesales.com claimed that 50% of the traffic on the web came from visitors who simply type in the URL they remember in the web browser. Therefore, it is not recommended that you use hyphens in your domain as it will cause your domain to lose traffic. If you want to include hyphen, you can include just one dash. Including too many dashes can make the search engine suspicious

List of Free Online Domain Names Generator

There following is a list of free onlinegenerator tools for generating business domain names


Domains Bot
Lean Domain Search

Different Types of Domain Names Extensions


Almost half of the domain names registered on the internet are .com. Dot coms account for 75% of the domains that are registered every year. Dot Net and Dot Org rank in the second and third place with 14 millions and 10 millions registrations respectively. Dot info accounts ranks in the fifth place with 8 millions registrations. On the other hand, about 1.2 millions .co extensions domain names are registered every year. You should register a .co.uk if your business is based in the United Kingdom. Dot com remains the most popular domain name extension. If you are thinking of starting a site, you should buy a .com because it will have higher value over other extensions. Apart from these standard extensions, there are also specific extensions such as .technology, .marketing, .software, .reviews, .feedback, and .social. You should choose the most appropriate domain name depending on your site's content.

Don't Register Domain Names that is Very Similar to Trademark Names


You must keep in mind not to use word that is similar or too similar to trademark names. It doesn't mean that you can include someone else's trademark in your domain name if you see another domain name using the trademark and not encountering any lawsuit problem. Donald Trump sought damages worth $400,000 over 4 sites that use its brand. The Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA) protects trademarks owners from domain owners who deliberately use the trademark names to generate profits out of the brand's goodwill. The ACPA can cover damages that range from $1,000 - $100,000. In 2012, there are almost three thousand cybersquatting cases that involve 5,000 domain names. You can use a tool such as KnowEM to find out whether the brand name you want to use in your domain name is already used by others. You can also the search across social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to find out whether it is available. If the domain name you want is owned by someone else, you can perform a WHOIS search to obtain the contact information of the owner and purchase it from him.


In conclusion, new domains get registered quickly every day so you should take action to register your favorite domain before someone else register it.You can purchase the same domain names in different extensions such as .org, .net, and .info and redirect them to the main .com domain via 301 redirects.


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This is an excellent guide from you @Zirkon Kalti about registering domains for online businesses. To be honest, I did registered few domains before, but the only one left standing is the first domain I purchased 5 years ago, which is my own name. The rest are just niche domains for testing purposes. Some of them are keyword rich domains, and I always think out of the box in naming these domains. I also admitted that I almost registered a domain with a trademark name, but good thing I researched that it's not allowed. This is an important guide that newbies and beginners should know about registering domains on their own.


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You had used excellent information for registering a domain either for personal or business purpose. I hate to use even single hyphen in domain as it makes hard to type in browser.
Me and my friends always check with two word catchy domain for remembering and easy to type. In these days it is getting more hard for registering two word names as Internet became with more domains.
I agree that one must check the copyright issues for owning a business domain name or else will be in law suit later or have to give the domain for the copyright holder.
Once I thought to register a good domain name as it was available and one of my friend it has copyright so people didn't registered that name and left it alone.