Tutorial Guide To The Top 5 Website Builders

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People who don't know coding will find website builder helpful when they want to design a unique template for their site. You must find an efficient website builder that comes with all the feature you need so that you can build the template you want without any hassle. There are both free and paid website builders. The free version usually lack some features so if possible, you should try signing up for the paid version of the website builder. The following is a list of 5 top website building tools.

1. Webflow
Webflow is a website builder that feature a UI that look similar to Photoshop UI. Designers will enjoy using Webflow but first time web builders may find the user interface a bit complicated. There are many standard web components such as divs, text blocks and buttons. There are also many custom widgets including maps, social media icons and sliders which you can easily integrate into your web design. The HTML/CSS code can be exported for personal, professional and team. You can upload your own template or choose from one of the free templates. You can also browse the marketplace for paid templates. Webflow has a free account and the paid plans range from $14 - $70 per month. Students get 50% discount when they use their college email to sign up.

2. Squarespace
Squarespace site builder is designed for people who don't have any programming language. In Squarespace, every area of the website is divided by regions including header, footer, body. Each region can hold different types of content. There are plenty of built in functionality to choose from such as built in shopping carts, auto posting and blogging engine. The form content block offers plenty of field options. The photo gallery content block offers many customization options. For example, you can set yout photo gallery to be displayed in a grid of thumbnails, set the thumbnail size, crop the image and etc. Squarespace also offer a large collection of beautiful and mobile friendly templates in various categories including eCommerce, business, and wedding. Squarespace comes with a 14 days free trials and there are 3 subscriptions that range from $8-$30 per month.

3. Wix
Wix has a slick and powerful user interface that feature drag and drop functionality. There is a large collection of over 500 website templates in 70 different categories. The award winning site builder has been featured in many popular publications including New York Times, Forbes and CNN. After selecting a template, you can begin the process of building your website by drag and drop the text and image into place. There is no need to agree to any TOS or enter your credit card information. You can build the site from scratch if you don't want to choose from the ready template. Wix offers 5 packages including Wix Free, Connect Domain ($4.08), Combo ($12.90), eCommerce ($24.90) and Unlimited ($22.90).

4. Weebly
Weebly site builder is an all inclusive drag and drop WYSIWYG site builder where you are not require to compose any HTML or CSS code. You can edit the CSS of the template via the custom CSS module. Weebly include all the basic features such as contact form, blog functions, URL redirects, custom code placement, forums, membership, file uploads, eCommerce options. Weebly all inclusive site builder is suitable for both personal as well as business use. There are four types of accounts including free, starter ($8/month), pro ($12/month), and business ($25/month). The Starter plan lets you build a website with your own URL and you also get to use a custom favicon and check the site stats. Business account includes a SSL and web store where you can add unlimited products. You can download your site code in HTML/CSS. It auto save any edits you make and it also have an iPad site editing app.

5. Jimdo
Jimdo is a drag and drop website builder that operates at a fast speed. One important feature it lacks is the preview function. Every changes you make onto the template will be saved onto the live website. There is a mobile app that allows you to edit the design of the website from a mobile device. All the templates on Jimdo are compatible with android and ios devices. You can change the style of the font and color of the theme easily. Professional can use the HTML/CSS code editor to build a custom template. Jimdo site builder supports up to 8 languages.

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What is being mentioned here I have not availed such website building. I used the blogger platform for almost 5 years now. I have not found any hassle or problem. I am comfortable with blogger. Why not try it?


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Another popular site builder is GoDaddy.com which most people love because they can always reach out to the customer support. This is important especially for first timers who need all the help that they can get.

Try looking at website builder reviews and make a comparison of the top sites for you to see which one will suit you best in terms of ease of use and the fee that you have to pay.