My Experience Handling Negative Product Comments Or Opinions From Customers


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For today, I am going to talk about something that might really help you out in product sales. We know that sales is an art, and we definitely have to learn from it. I can tell you that product sales is one of the challenges that I have experienced in my entire life. You know why? It's not because I'm a guy, and most people are attracted to ladies in selling products. It's just that I don't have enough selling skills to be honest, and until now I am still learning more on being a great seller to my targeted audience. I did sell well with my affiliate marketing website before, but the thing is that it is not really enough. I just assessed on what's really wrong in my part in doing online product selling, and I completely adjusted to it one step at a time.

Just like Brian Tracy for example. He's now old but still cool. Wait a second, he's a guy right? But he is one of the best salesmen ever in the world? Yes, it's damn true. He is also struggling on his product sales before, especially in handling negative opinions from the customers. Just like us, he didn't handle it the right way on his first few attempts until he learned from it and adjusted. Right now, no matter what kind of product he is selling, the percentage of buyers through him is definitely higher. If he can do it, we can do it as well. Brian Tracy and us are born equally as human beings. But what makes him different from all of us?

It's his attitude!

That's right folks! We should have the right attitude to do product sales, especially in dealing with negative comments or opinions from your prospects. Without further ado, let's get started in sharing my own experience in dealing with negative customer product opinions and comments like no other.

My own experience in handling negative opinions of the products I've promoted online

I was selling health products from a network marketing company that I've joined, and it can be sold online as well. There's a situation that one customer says that my product is expensive compare to his product. He even told me that the product he had is really effective on his part. But during my time I was still a rookie in product sales, I totally suck at it. Instead of handling it very well, I did said to that customer that your product really sucks and it has zero star rating, while mine is a five star rating. Eventually, my customer turned me off and no sale was generated.

When my coach asked me why I didn't make sales, I opened this up to him and he finally identified the mistake that I have. I was guilty of that, but he told me that it's normal and nothing to be ashamed of for good. He just said to me that I will just try again. So I have tried a few attempts in doing this to my negative customers, and the progress was overwhelming, even if I don't have much results.

So how do I handle it this time with a health product that I promoted? (This can be applied in other types of products as well)

Instead of insulting other's product, I just say to the customer, "Listen, your product is great and popular, and I'm happy that it gives you the benefits that your body needs. But for me, if I wanted to become healthy, I choose this product because it has this, this and that.". Try to compare your product and your customer's product in a nice way, and reveal the advantages and features of it that wasn't present in your latter's product. In that way, even if the customer doesn't wanna buy the product, he acknowledge your explanation and may have good relationship with him or her. You can apply this in any niche product that you have for now.

In this video by Gabrielle Bernstein, she shares to us on how to handle negative comments in business and all aspects of life:

I would really hope that my experience would help you realize something on your part in doing product sales, especially in terms of handling negative comments or opinions from your respective customers. You know why? I've experienced this on my own, and I have learned my lesson. Right now, when I am selling health products to my customers, I handled it the right way even if I don't expect them to buy or getting convinced already. It's all about building good relationships to them. They might not buy it now, but later they will, or they may even refer someone to you.

Zirkon Kalti

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You should get real customers to submit honest reviews about the affiliate products you are selling. This will be effective if you can accumulate a large number of comments from real customers across different types of products you are promoting. This shows that you are an authoritative affiliate site with comments from real customers.

Swati Mishra

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of course, @cheesecarls is absolutely right. Sales is an art and chalenge . It is not depend on that product are sale by girl or boy. Person have quality to sale the product infront of customer. It is depend on that how to sale the product (it may be girl or it may be boy) infront of customer.

Manish Mishra

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I believe a negative comment or a negative or lets say there is a worst feedback can owe you great chances of having a massive sales.
why am i saying that?
lol....who is the fool in this world who just like anything to be perfect?
If there is a negative or better if i say a few negative comments, its also lets you aware to your customers about the bad side of the product you are selling.

It brings you more chances to have great sales since the words of mouth will reaches faster.
Being an online shopaholic, myself, like to see if there is any bad comments on a products otherwise all positive means i am not goona go for it at all.
Each products have some ups and down, If HTC is known for great touch then Sony is famous for voices and we love it as they are.


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Negative if genuine can be taken as a lesson to learn further & make standards more customer oriented.

Even all the ecommerce platforms are oriented towards buyer coz they know even if buyer is unhappy, he will come again to buy for a number of reasons.


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@cheezcarls: Awesome post as always! Yes Brian Tracy is a man! And, yes he is cool! And, yes he has seen a few more New Years than a lot of us, but I wouldn't call him old!!:) He is still kicking more butt than people half his age!! I agree with your comments about handling negative comments! Thanks again!


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Thank you for all those tips. To be honest, I naturally get hurt if there's negative feedback. However, I divert my mind to think it would be good for me to change for the better. It lets me know that there's something wrong that I might need to impose action how to do or make things better.


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Negative comments are always welcome. I've seen some people argue, especially online with clients. That is a strict no-no. I used to sell stuff on amazon, and I sometimes received negative comments like "I didn't like the product" :p now, I can't do much about that, because it wasn't the product that was being reviewed, it was the seller (me). But, I never argued. If there was something that I could improve, I improved. I always said, "Thank you for your comments. Please let me know what we could do to make our product/service better" or something to that effect.


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These days negative feedback is all part and parcel of running a service and there's not many people in business that hasn't had to deal with negative comments, justifies or not.

All a business owner can do is try and resolve the situation the best way they can, and at least show others that they have tried to fix the problem.

While negative comments do hurt a business, if people can genuinely see that the owner is aware and as acted on the negative comment, that's all they can do and also hope that the customer, even though may not be satisfied with the original service, is satisfied with the resolution offered.


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Anyway, not all of the comments may be negative. Some comments may be positive too. So sometimes it has something to do with preferences. As @djweb said, just thank them with their comment. If you think there's something to improve, then improve it. But shouldn't try so hard as long as majority of the comments are positive.