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My Suggestion Harakiri In The Web-space - Domain Name Is The Bait

Discussion in 'General Marketing and Promotion' started by rahuldas, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. rahuldas

    White Belt

    Jan 5, 2016
    +2 / -0
    Name is a very important thing. Be it your personal name, or your name in the social networking sites or your domain name. Each of them holds the key to your identity. So keeping aside the first two, let’s get down with the third one. Domain name is a business which is always flooded with requests and procurement. You have to be ultra active to get your desired domain name or else just watch it go.
    When did it all start and how?
    We have all the top level domains such as .net and .com. People are very much aware of these domains and business houses too try to promote them with these domain names. But with massive rush almost blocking the availability of these domains, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers) started various other domains to cater the rush. But then it couldn’t match up to the present popular domains and what resulted is sheer mockery. Like if you are starting a business and your domain name has some popular keywords but your extension is ‘.co’’, people might consider your site to be a clone or fake sometimes. But to get their name registered many business houses are forced to take up ‘.co’ and domain name sharks will jump upon this option. These new domain extensions have complicated the scenario even more. So if you have web contents which can be covered by government laws and regulations, you can opt for the .gov extension. So make sure that your domain names are well selected. If you have a .com domain and all your other domains are .co or .net, try to redirect to the .com page. You can register with the TLD of your own business. Remember this is a good investment as you don’t need to think about domain extensions and can churn in good bucks.
    What scams did the recent mad rush fish out?
    FTC came tough on ICANN to restrict registering TLDs on the rampant basis. They can limit it to few people who have genuinely good business intentions. But ICANN claims that no crooks or ill intent business organizations register in the TLD because of its rigorous registration process. But then crooks are putting their hand fearlessly. With only the name capturing the attention of the customer in the format www.name.tld , attention has gradually shifted to devise names to con people. Any unscrupulous business house can fox people with this. Secondly, crooks approach customers with the intention that domain extension is not important and only the name attracts. So they put a distorted name to run their site with false information.
    What lies ahead?
    It is always better to do away with the specific domain extensions altogether. People should be dissociated from the thought that .com is the only existing domain. People can opt for their own domain extensions. Malpractices can obviously be curbed by bringing in strict screening processes which can be further strengthened by secured protocol and SSL certification.

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