Has your blog ever been hacked?

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One of my very old wordpress sites which I have forgotten even existed was hacked yesterday, I have patched it up but I wonder if other webmasters have ever had similar experience.


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No, my blogs have never been hacked, or not yet recognised. I guess the bastard used the old sql injection method, didn't he?


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Years ago, an old version of Wordpress got exploited on one of my servers. I learned to keep it upgraded to the latest stable version. It's easier now that the script can update itself (with the right plug-in, at least).


Hello Temi.
I have never.
My blog is safe from hackers.
i am using WP paid Pluging to stop hacking of my blog.


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Ive never had a blog hacked before but i have had a forum hacked , it was an old PhpBB forum which it was totally my fault, there was warnings saying the script was unsafe and i should upgrade but being very new i just thought " why would it happen to me" lol

Two months later i no longer had a forum, lesson well learnt id say :nerd:
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