Help Me/Question Have Anyone Got Any Work On

Pooja Sharma

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I recently signed up for I have checked so many offers and applied as well and I have not got any response. I wrote a good cover letter and I am applying since 2 months. What can I do to get work on Is it a safe online website to work with or it is fake?
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Zirkon Kalti

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Its very difficult especially if you are new. I tried too but I didn't get any job. They ask you to buy credits to bid on more projects but its a waste of money. You must provide a very good portfolio because there are a lot of people competing with you.

Manish Mishra

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I also heard it from my friend and he said it is very high paying place for freelancers. I tried my luck and created a profile passes a few tests still applying for jobs. However, I am being interviewed by a client for a WordPress migration help and hopefully he will declare on Monday.
Please suggest me how can i improve my profile: Manish Mishra


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I am there too but not active, and I also felt very difficult to find work for newbies. But this is genuine site and but sometimes, we can face fake jobs too. Once, I applied for data entry, long time ago, and didn't get paid. Later that client didn't come back.But it mostly doesn't happen for another type of work. This is high paying and most trustworthy freelance website. keep trying!! All the best!!

Prasoon Arora

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I do not found as useful platform to earn money. However they provide 60 bids per month, but for new freelancers it becomes difficult to sort the category in regards to the work they want to perform. In in regards, they found the work there are many competitors who are already high skilled to perform the same tasks.


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It is one of toughest place to find works on Upwork as I too applied once and seen no one accepts my offer. I left them once applied 10 to 15 jobs on first day. They even won't ask questions, but I believe we can get jobs at Fiverr easily.