Have you been a victim of an email scam

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Have you ever been scammed via an email?

I have noticed lots of emails from fraudsters pretending to be Paypal?



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I've never been scammed by an email scam.

It's amazing though how many emails I get asking me to provide my personal details to someone whose relative has been killed or imprisoned in an African country. By doing so I'd be doing them an almighty favour, and by way of reward I'd receive untold riches once their bank account has transferred the funds.

And of course I get numerous emails from financial institutions informing me they are having a security update. I need to click the link and log on and enter my personal details. As if...!:rolleyes:

Irony is that the vast majority of emails come from institutions I'm not even with, nor ever have been.

As others have said, I just delete the emails, never clicking on the links, nor replying.

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Many, many years ago I received an email asking for my eBay username and password.

At the time I had never seen a scam email before.

Being new to this sort of thing, I stupidly wrote back saying something like 'are you really from eBay?' :eek:

Luckily, they did not reply - and I am sorry to say I might have believed them if they had said they were from eBay.

I am older and wiser now, however!:D
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