My Experience Have You Ever Purchased Web Hosting From A Kid Equipped With Reseller Hosting?

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Don't deny it. Even one of my server administrators were tricked when purchasing web hosting offered by a kid with a reseller.
So there's nothing to feel shame about..

The thing is - you never know unless you try out their services.
Sure, there are factors to look at before choosing a web host but if the kid was in business for a while with good reviews - :urbad:
Don't forget about the people that seeks small web hosting companies to get away from over-selling, etc.

So have you ever purchased web hosting from a kid using reseller web hosting from another web host? Share your experience.


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8 Years ago I was that kid selling hosting using a reseller package, it was only to clients of my web design studio at the time but it gave me a good understanding of the hosting industry without the huge investment, but from small seeds great things grow, and now I have all my own servers and 1000's of hosting clients who pay me for my skills and experience to host their sites and provide fantastic support and uptime. Just because they are using a reseller account doesn't mean they are all bad, and it is a good way to get onto the ladder.
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