Asking Advice Have you installed google chrome?

Have you installed Chrome

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I personally have not installed Google's new web browser, Chrome nor I'm I in a hurry to do so, I am quite content with my IE and FF so I see no reason for another browser.

Have you installed Google Chrome?


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I have installed this, because I needed to test its rendering capabilities and to ensure that the most important websites look good.


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Temi, I suppose they coded a better software than it was expected. I am FF lover, but mostly because of the handy extensions which I use during development etc. I think living without firebug would be extremly painful for me, but let me tell you a short story about Chrome.
About a hour ago I get home and continued debugging the design to the demo shop I prepare recenty and faced with a huge problem. The product page was loaded in about 10sec, which is very bad. I checked the sequence of the requested files with firebug and yahoo slow as well. I saw that a dynamically generated javascript file was the cause of the slow loading but saw no error around the file. I launched Google Chrome and checked the page with the javascript console which display a horizontal scale presenting the loading time and sequence for every request.
The displayed error around the file was
Resource interpreted as script but transferred with MIME type text/html
This was a nice clue because I could hunt up a solution in order to deal with this problem.
The following code was missing
header("content-type: application/x-javascript");
so the MIME type declaration. Now the file problematic file is loaded in 0.54 file.
I'm pretty sure I will use its console again whenever I face with similar problems.
Otherwise as I read the new javascript rendering software in the FF 3.1 will be the fastest which has ever used.


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I haven't installed this but i heard chrome is the best browser and good features. I have one doubt - it's spyware.


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personally I do not see much use for it for me right now and I LOVE FF. But that being said I am very optimistic that it will be improved over time. Google doesn't do much without continually improving.
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