Help Me/Question Have You Monetized Your Blog?


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Most people that have blogs have them just because they love writing and sharing their information with others probably friends and family. But as a freelance writer you most likely opened your blog to earn from it. I have a blog that I recently started and I intend to earn money with it. I only know that I can monetize a blog through
1. Adsense
2. Affiliate marketing

How else can I make money with my blog?

Furqan Rashid

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If you have traffic on your blog than definitely you can earn from it by adding links to surveys websites(Your Referral Links). They are really paying good for every signup.


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Yes, I have both adsense as well chitika and I have used both on my different blogs. I use adsense on blogger but use chitika on wordPress but I am not happy with either as there are too few earning opportunities so I mostly earn through my outright paying content writing sites.


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I have blogs and had them monetized with Chitika. Other bloggers use their Amazon affiliate links to earn from. Also, others can sell some products, either theirs or other companies. This way, it added to their income. Maybe you can try that feature because I have one in my Blogjob sites.


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Yes I monetized my niche blogs right now. I am putting Clickbank ads within my websites and it's running on autopilot. As of now, I don't have any sales yet because I am still on a trial and error mode. Right now, I have a different strategy that could possibly get me the results that I am expecting. My mind is already matured, so I am not really looking forward for today's results, but rather on the long run. I have an affiliate marketing review blog before and I was making money with product reviews in the form of affiliate commissions.


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I have 3 blogs and they are all monetized with Adsense. However, I am thinking of getting sponsors for one of my blogs that is about pets. I already had a preliminary talk with a dealer of dog food that he is willing to contribute some money and dog food. But unfortunately, I my work schedule had changed and I have no more time to post blogs. Tsk, tsk, regrets. But still, that's another way of earning on the side with your blogs - get a sponsoring person or company that you will feature in your posts.

Manish Mishra

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Adsense and Affiliate are the two things only to help you monetizing your blog. If you really looking for some other ways, you first need to get some huge traffic and needed large funds to switch to real online selling business.

niranjan kumar

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Adsense and affiliate both is good for earning from your blog. but in adsense approval for blog createrria is higher than the affiliate marketing, i mean you can easily do affiliate marketing from your blog.
There are some affiliate marketing network are:-
  • Linkshare
  • Commission Junction.
  • ShareASale
  • Amazon Associates.
  • Google affiliate network
  • ClixGalore.
  • Clickbank.
  • PerFly
Many more are available, you can search according to your blog content.


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Adsense and affiliate marketing are the two main ways to monetize a blog. Look at what products you can promote through the various popular affiliate networks like the ones mentioned in the above post.

steve taylor

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Most cases if any body create a blog and a website then their target is earning money from blog and websites. You can earn money from Blog and website if and only if by monetizing your blog or website.If website is well designed and contain very informative content and fulfill their criteria then you can easily make money from your blog .


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Adsense and Affiliate marketing providing good monetize service for blog, But you can also monetize your blog with Chitika, Clicksor, BidVertiser.
Chitika :- It is only available in U.S location.
BidVertiser :- BidVertiser is also a Advertiser and publisher company.
And you can also use Google adwords for Promoting Affiliate Products On Your Blog.

Zirkon Kalti

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If you want to make money from Adsense or affiliate marketing, your blog must have a lot of organic traffic. And having a lot of people commenting on your blog is also a sign that your blog will do well in Adsense and affiliate marketing.


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You can make some decent money from other resources if you have a good blog, but it is very new as you said. Depending upon the traffic You will be getting more advertisers.
Selling banner space, on your blog is a way to monetize good way because the amount will reach into your pocket every month as usual. So build a great blog, then analyze how much it will make per month.


I tried many ways of monetizing my blog and I chose Adsense. On my practice it seems to be the best way of making money blogging.
If you want to earn good money from you are blogs then you need to generate more traffic to your blogs.
At least 10000 new visitors every month. If you are using mail chimp then remember friend that your money lies in your list.


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If you have more then traffic on your blog site than positively you can earn from it by adding links to surveys websites. They are truly paying good quality for every signup.

Monica Chortle

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I know as far as adsense and Affiliate are the two things only to help you monetizing your blog. If you really looking for some other ways, you first need to get some huge traffic and needed large funds to switch to real online selling business.


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I have not monetized my blog yet.
You need to have a credible audience and you need to create a loyal userbase for Affiliate programs to support you.
Once you have a credible userbase, you can apply for affiliation to various niche products.
That is it.
Ads pay very less. Affiliate products pay the best.