Have You Thought of Being A Lionbridge Internet Rater?

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Yellow Belt
Did you know that there is a company which takes on people from around the world to become Internet Assessors?

They use all types of people from a number of countries, but this company doesn't need anyone for the United States. The countries are listed on the page below.


Program Description

Based in over 54 countries worldwide throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and North and South America, the Lionbridge Rater Program is an opportunity for all types of people to earn money and assist in achieving the main objective of the program: the continuous improvement and quality of internet search capability. To achieve this, we have a search relevance program management team based at our European solution center in Ballina, Ireland who manage a Global Rater Team of over 1,500 people. The team also manages rater recruitment, pre and post examination support, payments, rater education and training, as well as productivity feedback to ensure successful candidates reach their full potential as a member of the Global Rater Team.

The Rater role involves evaluating results of a web search, for appropriateness to search query input. Participants will be required to provide their opinion of the result displayed based on a set of guidelines we provide. Hours of work are flexible. The recommended hours of work are 10-20 hours per week. Interested candidates must first successfully complete an exam before being accepted into the Rating Program. The exam consists of two sections: Section 1 has 24 theory questions and Section 2 consists of 270 practical exams. More detailed information will be provided in the study material.​
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