Hello (Ni hao) from China!

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Hey everyone, it's good to be here.
I'm hoping to learn a lot as well as share my limited knowledge with others here.

I've been living in China for about 2 years now, and let me just sum up my experience with one word: interesting!

Well, let me take a more in depth look around.

If anyone has questions about China, feel free to ask me.


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Welcome Hugodiaz,

Hope u have a great time here.

I have a question on china for you.

I want to build a business portal to connect chinese businesses with the U.S. & worldwide.

is the .tw domain used at all in china?

I registered businesses.com.tw & smallbusinesses.com.cn & businesssearch.com.cn

is any of them any good.



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In mainland China, it's best to go with .cn
So the second 2 domain names are quality, the .tw may not be as good.
Good luck with your endeavors.
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