Help Me/Question Help Me For Creating A Perfect Landing Page For Affiliate Marketing.


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The best way to be effective in affiliate marketing is to find a really good niche to market to. A person I know found a good niche which gives him a good amount of income just through affiliate links by Amazon. Therefore, look around the Internet and get an idea for niches that are yet to be filled. Afterwards, just advertise your website as much as you can and I'm sure that the people attracted by those niches will come knocking.


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What is your product?

No one can answer this good unless they know what your product is.

Landing pages are different for every project.

What is your product? Show it to us.


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I am working on health niche and I am an Affiliate at Clickbank .My products are on improving health like improving body,improving sex power,ageless etc.
Yes you are working on the health niche and products are more on improving health. I suggest that if you already have Wordpress installed, you should be able to look for some free or premium themes that are related to health or so, and customize it on your own. In creating landing pages, I suggest you should do review articles for each product that you choose on Clickbank. It may be necessary to create a sales landing page, but people are more engaged and interested on product reviews in my own opinion. If you want to make money with it, it's either you place some health product banners or a direct link coming from your call-to-action message after the review.

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A landing page is a sales page that include a call-to-action to motivate the customers to click the buy now button to buy your product. In the landing page, you can include at least 4 points and expand them to explain what kind of benefits the customers can derived from your products. On the top of the page, you can include a real photo of your product. To convince customers about your product, you can include a few testimonials from real customers and if possible, also include the photo of the customer.