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Does anyone know an email subscription and mail system that I can use to start a Newsletter Subscription list "for" my web site?

I don't think I can use a script that get hosted on my site because I was having issue with sending out too many emails to my forums members.

I don't mind hosting the email database on my own server (which would be ideal), but I need to know of a good service provider that can burst the emails about once a month to my subscriber base.

If you know something about this, please let me know.


Have you got any PHP expirience as a script like this would not be too hard to make :D



Pinyo, you can find many Open Source scripts that do stuff like this. Try



Right now, I decided to go with instead of spending a lot of time with coding. They seems to have a good system. I will give some feedback once I use it a little more.

Thanks for all your help. :)


Since I started two weeks ago, I published 2 newsletter. The first one was sent to 3 people, but opened by only 1. The second was sent to 6 and opened by 9. I hope that the subscriber number will climb. However, I have not been agressively trying to grow the list beside showing it on all pages of my site - i.e., I am not into the sign up for 7-day course, or get free ebook, or get fre blah blah blah to sign up bit yet.

Right now I am keeping the newsletter strictly content. Later on when my circulation is higher, I may introduce 1 or 2 pay-per-lead ads or sell ad space per circulation to cover my cost -- one year subscription cost me $179.

If you like to see the past issue, you can see them here:

Please also feel free to sign up:

I would love to have more subscribers as well as getting feedback on my newsletter (which you can do on the web site using the "add comment" form at the end of the page).

Thanks for asking...Pinyo


There are many other Open Source scripts that do stuff like this so you can try some other also I think if you want than you can try in .net.


here is a hint, most of social networks do have invite friends option by email, it is good legit way to create subscription base
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