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Hi Guys,

I have been having some trouble with converting the users on my main site into customers who purchase. In the last 28 days I have £4k worth of unsold shoppng baskets that havent converted into sales (I have a tracking report I check daily). These people have found our site, requested an account, had the account approved, revisited our website, filled a shopping basket upto our £100 minimum but never finished the check out process. I am not sure what is going wrong where but it must have taken these people a lot of time to get that far and back our (about 2 hours each I reckon).

If anyone can spare the time can you have a look at the work flow on our site. Try and order something, and tell me where you think it is going wrong.

I have one idea, we dont have an SSL certificate. Reason, we dont need one as we dont take payments online. Do you think this could be the problem.


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I would like to thank everyone for the suggestions they made to help. It has taken me a great deal of time to read all of the replies... NOT!!!

I have made a great deal of improvements sicne my origional post. We now have a secure (SSL) checkout, signin and sign out process. The onsite search facility has been improved and our most visited pages have had additions made, mainly to do with better and more images. I am noticing that our conversions are still low and account requests have slowed a little. It could be the time of the year as our customers seem to rely on good weather or tourisum (which in itself relies on good weather).
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WWT please send me the url and let me know more info on how I can help you. I'm sorry but I haven't read this post earlier , I just saw it .

SO just let me know the info , the url...



Please note that the point you are talking about si the concern of thousands of online sellers.

People might just change their mind at the last minute.


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At the point where they have registered but not completed the transaction I asusme you have captured their email address in the process?

if so, why not go to the source and contact them directly? Email them saying something along the lines of "Thanks for your interest in, we notice that you reached 'x' point but didnt proceed to complete the order. We are seeking feedback from our customers to help us improve our service and make their experience with us better, would you mind providing feedback on what made you decide not to complete the order? In exhnage for your valuable time and feedback we'd be happy to offer you a discount on future purchases..." by targeting the actual people that haven't converted, you might find some nuggets of information that you can employ to the site to assist in increasing your future conversion rate :)
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