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Here’s What You Don’t Know About Rich Snippets in WordPress

Still skeptical about adding rich snippets on your site? Undecided on which rich snippets to use on your WordPress website or blog? Think again, because rich snippets are becoming a favorite among website owners and bloggers. This powerful markup tool enables website owners to have customizable search items for unique content that they want them indexed such as products, articles, events, item reviews and many more.

Rich snippets are excellent for communication between a website or blog owners and search engines. When your content is presented in a structured format, search engines get the ability to access the various types of content that are available on your site and if you have employed the use of rich snippets, the search engines will be able to display more information about your content in search results by use of these rich snippets, making your content and your site stand out from the rest in search.

By now you already know how important rich snippets are in WordPress, so let’s move to our next problem – how are rich snippets added to WordPress?

How to add rich snippets in WordPress

There are two methods used in adding rich snippets in WordPress. You can choose to:

  • Manually add them. (If you have good knowledge of HTML)
  • Use a rich snippets plugin compatible with WordPress. (The easy way)

How to manually add rich snippets in WordPress

Let's get our hands dirty and go through the process of adding rich snippets into a WordPress site. First of all, it's important to note that rich snippets can be written into micro-data, JSON-LD, and RDFa vocabularies and you can choose from any of the three. RDFa is common among most starters because of its user friendliness, but the rest can do the job as well.

Manually adding rich snippets to posts in WordPress requires the use of a text editor like notepad or notepad++ to write the markup that is required.

Let’s look at a simple text of a WordPress page.


When transformed using rich snippets, the text should look like this:


Note that you have to define your own properties for each content that you want to add rich snippets.

Where to test your manually created WordPress rich snippets

Because search engine crawlers do not pick rich snippets immediately, you may need to use Google’s structured data testing tool by visiting https://developers.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool/.

How to add rich snippets in WordPress using a plugin

Many website owners would not want to get their hands dirty by doing the raw job of creating rich snippets and this is mainly because of its complexity. This is where plugins come in to save the day. With the availability of several WordPress plugins that enables the addition of rich snippets in your posts without touching a single line of code, dealing with rich snippets is no longer a difficult task. Below are examples of sites containing rich snippets.


Just install and activate All in One Schema Rich Snippets plugin from WordPress › All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets « WordPress Plugins and click the menu icon indicating rich snippets that are located near the bottom of the sidebar.


By default, a list will come up with the various types of content that you can create a rich snippet on using the plugin.

If editing an existing post, hover your mouse below the post editor and click on the “configure rich snippet” button, and a drop-down menu appears. Here you can choose the type of content you want to appear in the post that you are editing.


When you select the type of content you want them to display in the rich snippets, you also need to fill the rich snippet fields with your preferred content. Here’s how this is done.

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I may use rich WordPress compatible snippets plugin because I don't have much knowledge on HTML.
Thanks for recommending All in One Schema Rich Snippets plugin I wlil find this plugin and install in my blog.


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I am going to install this plugin on one of my wordpress blog and see how it affects in Seo. Can you tell me how we can use ratings within the blog post? Do we need to rate by ourselves or people will do?


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This is very interesting. Rich snippets could definitely make it easier to make a lot of content with quality in a short period of time. Thanks for the heads up and guide, OP!