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Please review my site
My website content is related with finance and loan
1. Please review wheather website convey proper message to its users
2. Is it user friendly as well as search engine friendly ?
3. Inspite of top ranking on some keywords my website has not enough visitors
4. Is website navigations are clear or easy to understand ?

I shall be very thankful to you.

Thanks & cheers,



1. The first message wrapped in blue background does not look good-and gave me a cheap impression at first sight. It was when I browsed more that I found the information. So change the landing impression as visitors will just pass-by seeing those SCAM looking message at first sight.

2. User friendly -- told before. SEO friendly -- remove the index.html from sub-page URLs. Instead make them - aaaaa-aaaaaa.html . That will make it more search engine friendly.

3. Because - your site does not give good first impression. Also do good bit of research on keywords related to your field and change the title/meta tags of your site accordingly. Also add contents likewise.

4. Navigation is quite good.
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