Help Me/Question High End Dedicated Server Hosting Providers? What Are They?


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1 TB (ssd) - HD,
20TB - data transfer,
Linux, managed, 24 GB - RAM
Server location: Europe
For High Traffic web sites!
Any experience with web hosting services?
Where can I read customer hosting reviews about the quality of the services they provide?

Any alternative hosts for comparison please?


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I am constantly impressed with the support offered by staff - day or night, they stick with you until the question is resolved.
The most important for me are their reliable hosting services combined with an extremely competent support personnel. They provide an outstanding and prompt help.


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I'd sure servers from and are the best and most reliable.
Brilliant Support team, always there to help. Super easy to use and fully featured.


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The comparison will help you to choose the right web host, so I can draw your attention to these providers:
They have done a great job at evaluating the competition and narrowing it down to a handful of highly qualified services.


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The best European server providers are QHoster and Hostsailor.
The support is so helpful and the server are so great. Just incomparable services to anyone else! Just unbelievable.


Yellow Belt and are worth trying.
They have many features as required by customers, they have on time support through live chat and this is very helpful for customers in need of instant help.
As I heard is good but I have own experience with Onlive Server. I am connected with them from Many years and I got a great response from their side. Apart from this many hosting service provider available you can search on google. But also one of the best hosting provider.


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Why not to choose website hosting deals?
They did a nice job in transferring my web applications - even if one single of them appeared not compatible with some of their security settings.


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As an alternative, can recommend you to compare these hosts and their feature-packed server hosting packages: and
Overall reliability is great, the control panel is easy to use, and useful, things work the way they say they will - basically impressed with these guys.


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I don't have experience of, but i have read reviews about them, and it looks good. However, you should also do some research by your self before choosing any providers.
But if you ask me, I will recommend you AccuWebhosting because I am using their services from a couple of years, and they provide unmetered dedicated servers in Europe. And the support is also excellent so i think you should also check dedicated servers plans from there.