Hillary Clinton and the legislation regarding video games

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A modder, made a mod, named HorCoffee, which allows the vizualization in GTA of a minigrame on the limit between erotic and pornografic. Acording to him, the code of this minigrame exists in the game, he only unblocked it. In return Rockstar Games declared that this was inserted in their game through this mod and never existed before.

ESRB began investigation if the rating accorded to the game is correct and if it must be changed or not.

These are the facts which are on the way to generate the biggest scandal in the game industry. Why?

Because in a problem which need to be solved by the producer and ESRB intervene some politicians like senator Hillary Clinton and senator John Liberman, militants against video games like Jack Thompson and probably will be others resolute to make from Rockstar Games an example.

In her speech, senator Hillary Clinton talks about violence and pornografy. Lets decide: GTA is accused for pornografy, violence or both? After all we shall see who is guilty.

The problem is that while senator Hillary Clinton is asking for a press conference to accuse GTA, the HotCoffee mod is downloadable by anybody from the Internet. The creator of the mod has absolutly no guilt? Or nobody in this scandal in not trying to stop HotCoffee or they are to busy to make another law?

I think that it would be better that before anybody is accused to wait the ESRB concluzion about this. If it will be demonstrated that Rockstar Games has nothing to do with this?

dirty nappie

yes something doesn't seem right here, surely pro's could prove one or the other guilty but in the meantime , neither should be allowed to sell/share their products
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