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Tom Broadbent here, and I have seriously "gone goji"

You might ask why Goji?...why not any of the other umpteen juices and

It's quite simple really...goji is by far the best of them all.

Don't get me wrong there are many good products out there, but it takes more
than just a good product to ensure longevity, wouldn't you agree?..., and
after all, isn't that what many of us are beginnning to realize, that just a
very small percentage of these good product driven companies will survive?

So it was a bonus that in my search for a great company with a good product
that I stumbled across a great company with the best product!

Himalayan Goji Juice is helping everyday average people all over the world
with their health issues...it's not just an energy drink...it's not just an
ant-aging product..it's not just a feel good supplement...it's not just a
stress reliever...it's not just an anti inflamatory...it's not just an
enhancer...it is all of those things and then some.

It's also not a watered down wanna be a goji juice...it's the real
thing...and it's not a nutritional supplement, it's a functional food...no
water just pure goji berries of the highest standard...the cadillac of the
43 strains of goji berries that are tested and tested and tested again to
meet the requirments of the spectral signature that only Himalayan Goji
Juice can have...one out of every ten berries that are not even handled in
fear of altering the perfectly balanced most nutritionally dense food in the
world...bar none.

Can you say tried, tested and proven?...as solid a company as you will
find...and I'm tired of building a business with a company that goes out of
business...this is my last one...

We are putting together a team of builders that have committed to the team
effort...and we will do so until eternity...we are all fed up with these
other companies and their so called support.

Freelife is not a start up, this is TRUE RESIDUAL INCOME FOR LIFE.

Can you say the best compensation plan out there?

With Fast Start Bonuses 5 LEVELS DEEP - 2 MONTHS RUNNING, Advancements
Bonuses, Generation Bonuses, Bonus Pools, Free Trips to the MOST EXOTIC
Destinations in the World and yes MATCHING BONUSES.

Soon to be a Billion Dollar Yearly Company, 10 years old, Rock Solid , Debt
Free, Inc 500 Company 6 years running, with DOUBLE DIGIT GROWTH Monthly,
every month is a record breaker !!

Brett Gurney,Tom Broadbent, BobbyJ the Ironman, Malcolm Wallace, Gene Turney,
Marc Ballinger, Bob Burgett, Gerald Johnson, Gef Holmes, Michelle Walley, Steve Reiner, Dr. Jerry Shaw,and other BUILDERS including myself are going to explode this line.
With more coming as we speak.

Philippines , Singapore, Australia being set up right now with leaders, thanks to Brett Gurney on Singapore and Philippines and Australia and to Steven Goldenhuys and his team of Engineers who are taking this to all Sports Clubs in Australia for us.

Countries going for Approval already from within our Team Powerleg are:

South Africa, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia ( 220 million & Huge in MLM ), Peru, Columbia, France. This is from 3 weeks work !!! Wait till we get going with this Folks. Quite simply - FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS !!

We are all builders, and an upline you can count on for daily help and
support, advertising help, assistance, you name it, we are 100% committed.

Freelife International - Himalayan Goji Juice

Do you or anyone you know suffer from Acid Reflux, Acne, Allergies,
Arthritis, Back Pain, High Blood Pressure, Depression, Diabetes,
Fibromyalgia, Gastrointestinal issues, Headaches, Multiple Sclerosis, Pain,
Sleeping Disorders, Overweight, or Just Not Feeling Good then go to this
link and see what this product is doing for others...these are real people
not manufactured stories...they are members of FreeLife


Interested?...now go watch the movie and listen to this call



This is a P O W E R - T E A M

We will work with you every single day to build your business
with you.


Call me!


Tom Broadbent
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