Home Cleaning Services - Keeping Your Client’s Toilet’s And Bath Immaculate

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The home is one of the most important places we all need to have. Once we become homeowners, we try to make it a pint to keep this private space as clean and as de-cluttered as possible. This is why there is a big market for maid services especially nowadays that more and more couples decide to both handle jobs that keep them away from their houses most of the time. If you are thinking of starting up your own maid service or are already operating one, then you must have realized how important cleaning the toilet and bathroom is to your customers. Impress your clients even more with the following tips on cleaning the bathroom perfectly.

The bathroom is a one of the areas in the home that generally gets dirty as soon as the next person enters it. With all the soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and other materials we use inside, it is inevitable that different types of dirt materialize in a matter of minutes after having it cleaned. As a cleaning service provider, it is your job to get rid of all these knowledgeably. The bathroom, because of the consistent state of wetness it is in, is prone to all sorts of bacteria.

So how do you clean the bathroom efficiently?

1. Start from the most detailed parts and graduate to the tile walls and floors. This way, you wouldn't have to repeat cleaning and scrubbing the walls and floors.

2. Soap scum can be brushed off soap holder. Be careful not to slip on tiny bits of soap that fall to the floor.

3. Lime or hard water mineral build up in the sinks and the sides of the drain can be cleaned by an acid such as vinegar or lemon juice. Do not let stay for a long time on porcelain enamel as the acid in these ingredients could cause damage to the surface. Always rinse thoroughly after. If you are cleaning fiberglass, ask your client what she prefers to use as a cleaning solution. Acids cannot be used for this type of material but there are commercial products that are safe. Read the labels carefully.

4. If you notice that the client's bathroom plumbing have problems, suggest to the client that he get it fixed immediately. Continuously dripping water will just stain the sink and the tiles again.

5. Baking soda in warm water is an effective agent in removing soap scum from from any area of the bathroom.

6. Be very careful in using abrasive cleaning tools since most of the materials found inside a bathroom are easily scratched. Better yet, do not bring in anything abrasive into the bathroom. Soft brushes and sponges will often do the trick.

7. Scouring powders which are used for all purpose cleaning can cause scratches to the tiles and the sinks, avoid using these cleaning agents.

8. Do not neglect faucets. Spots on the chrome finish can easily be removed by washing it with soap and water. Brush under the edges of the faucet and dry off the whole tap with a kitchen paper towel to restore its sparkle.
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