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As we all know, there are hundreds if now thousands of web hosting company, each claiming to be better than the other etc etc, well, if you come across a UK hosting company called UK2.NET, my suggestion is that you should host your site with any hosting company EXCEPT UK2.NET . They are utterly unreliable when it comes to keeping your site online but they have the cheek to claim 100% up time.

I bough a package called Reseller Cloud Hosting which is supposed to give you 100% up time but some of my sites goes offline quite regularly, at least once or twice a week. What prompted me to post this message is that this forum was hosted on that package, this forum certainly does not get massive traffic but I received the message below from UK2.NET : (I have since move this website to HostGator who are hosting is without any problem:

UK2 Suspension Notice -
We are contacting you regarding a sub account on your reseller account. The user webmaste on the domain has been suspended due to causing a high load on the Reseller account you are hosted on. As this is a shared server this is unfair to other users on the server and is against our TOS.

I have included some notes from our admins in the attached file regarding the overload issue.

If they are not able to address this issue, they may need to move to a VPS or dedicated server.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Lance S.
Technical Support
UK-2 Ltd

As I wite this post, some of the sites I still have on their server has been offline for about 12 hours.

Your REALLY do not want to host your website with , its an utterly unreliable hosting company.


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I started cooperation with UK2, but then had to quit . The problems with their servers appeared quite often , but every time after opening a ticket or calling them , the issue got resolved rather quickly. Their support guys are professional and friendly and always are knowledgeable. Later I d decided to change the company as he was attracted by JustHost's reseller package. Thanks to I found out the real company uptime which is 97.75% ( not 99.9% as they indicate on their site). After a couple of downtimes I began to believe that the uptime is not 99.9%.

So I had to cancel again and moved to Hostgator - they offer Guaranteed Uptime (includes compensation) and full range of service ( VPS.shared and dedicated).


It really helpful news, I think there are lots of company that does fake promises, we always say that we should aware from that companies but I don't know how?? Can you suggest me some tips from which we can safe my site.
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