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I have been a custermer of HostLatch for several months now and i must say i am unimpressed. They have terrible downtime and taking a very very long time responding to support tickets.

I have been running a host company as a reseller and every time they went down i submitted a ticket and got stupid responses such as "We were refitting a HD" or "our motherboard blew up" or something redicious. It went downmore than 10 times in about 2 month period and eventually i asked them for a refund as they 'Gurantee' a '99% uptime' And they have not done that and they said no because i have gone over there 5day money back gurantee. So i decieded to take legal action and they started getting very stupid over the whole thing saying that i wont win and i will have to pay them to get over to the uk and court costs and all that and that it would cost me x1000 what i paid for my site. But recently they have refitted something and the downtime isnt a problem anymore

I also had a problem with my WHMCS cron job, The cron jobs wernt working on cpanel so i asked them what to do , and they kept giving me different answers and just not getting anywhere , took about 3months and now its finally working.....

I would say dont go to them unless you really really have to.
Although it is important to keep your customers informed telling them that "our motherboard blew up" I think is a bit much.

Rather than give excuses the better option would be to tell your customer what steps you are taking to fix the problems. At least that's what I've always done for customers.
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