My Suggestion Hot Niche Ideas Before Starting Your Online Business


It's Game Time!

Hello guys!

I hope you're having a good time there now with your business and other life aspects. But right now, it is time for you to start making some progress with your online business for good. You know why? It is because you deserve to become successful, and you definitely need to do something about it.

In this thread of mine, I am going to reveal the hot niche ideas that you can implement before starting your own online business. I'm pretty sure that the newbies and beginners are going to benefit from this thread if they wanted to start and get profitable in no time. If you have problems in finding the best niches that you can in order to start an online business, this thread exactly for you.

But my question is that if you're ready to learn about my niche suggestions?

I'm sure that you and the rest are ready to learn, so I am not going to take this introduction much longer. Let's get this straight now guys!

Anyways, here are the niche ideas that I want you to take a look before starting your online business:

1. Health and Fitness/Weight Loss Niche

First and foremost, I would like to admit that this is one of the most important niches up to date. You know why? It is because people are desperate to search for health and weight loss products, fitness equipment and other stuff. Health is one of the priorities that we shouldn't ignore, because no matter if you're young or old, you really need to do everything in order to become healthy in the long run. As a result, this niche is hot and on demand. Starting an online business related to health and fitness can be very challenging, but you can target all people from your area or worldwide. I would like to say that this niche is recommended to start your own online business.

2. Internet Marketing/Make Money Online Niche

Another niche idea that I would like to you know is the internet marketing and make money online niche. So far, this is one of the easiest niches that you could start an online business of your own. There are several affiliate and internet marketers already who are launching products from time to time that are related to this niche, and I consider this as a hot one. However, you need to think outside of the box that your online business is different, unique and better than any other existing businesses to make a stand. This is why I recommend this niche as a good idea to start an online business.

3. Technology/Gaming Niche

Another niche that is considered my favorite and unsaturated are technology and gaming niches. Most people around the world are hooked up with the latest news and updates about technology and gaming. I have seen so many tech and gaming blogs that are updating their posts many times in a day. It means that this is going to be a hot niche for you to start your own online business, and saturation is not going to be an issue at all. I admitted that I did have a partnership business before with one of my friends for a gaming niche. We did made money that time, but it didn't last long because of other priorities and commitments. But if you are going to put your heart and soul on this niche, for sure there's a lot of room for you to experience online success.

4. Celebrity/Movie/Music Niche

I may not be a fan of this niche, but this is super hot nowadays and it's impossible to saturate for long. It is all about celebrity, music and movie niche. For sure, if you are following lots of celebrities, music artists, movie stars and personalities, this niche is the best for you before starting an online business. You can generate income in many ways with this niche, and the potential is limitless. Sky's the limit, you know? So I would include this in my recommendations for you as hot niches for online businesses.

5. Sports Niche

Finally, this is also one of my favorites. I am a sports fan (but not all), and I see that this niche isn't going anywhere. This is also impossible to saturate just like the health, technology, celebrity, make money online or so. Sports fans are getting updated most of the time about their favorite teams, players, sports and other ones. Just like me, I love basketball and this is my favorite sport. Therefore, you can use this hot niche for your online business and I'm sure that there's a lot of room for you to succeed. I cay say that this hot niche is truly deserved to be on the list of hot niche ideas for your upcoming online business.

BONUS! I would also like to share this Youtube video about niche selection by Dean Bokhari. I'm sure you will learn a lot from this guy by watching the video below:

That's all folks! I hope you may have gained some inputs on the niche ideas that I have in store for you, and I'm pretty sure that you are going to brainstorm all you want in order to make it work. Just pick one niche at a time, master it until you see results before moving on to the next one. Avoid information overload and getting yourself confused and lose focus on one niche.

To your online business success!


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Among all these niches, I would prefer to choose making money online niche as it's easy to research and promote.


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This idea is good to create a good niche. For me, I just search for new trends and create a web page about it. The newer the better since people will always be searching what is new. The only problem is that, how long will it last, but that wouldn't be a problem since you can always put the new topic on your website as long as you get the subscribers you needed.

Muhammad Rizwan

Content Writer
Making Money Online, Marketing, and Gaming niches are the most preferable by me. They are of my interest and I can research about them easily.The other niches might be useful for other people. However I like this one and If I have to choose among them, I will choose Make Money niche at first sight. It is of great sue these days and very hot too. People are now searching for this kind of stuff. If we select this niche we can get lots of benefits as compared to others.

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
I believe gambling is something that no other niche could ever compare with. But yes @cheezcarls has mentioned some excellent traditional niche we should really nee to pay attention to have success with.
My personal experience tried with weight loss niche and did not earn a single penny.
I took seriously some other recommendation and started skin care, it was a great start but ended up no where.

But with gambling, an affiliate link get me customer before my link was acknowledged by the company. The guy (looser) mailed me that he lost some huge money $xx,xxx,xxx (40% was my commission) and i was not wondering but was thinking if my affiliate link has been approved i am going to be a rich man when i woke up next morning. Unfortunately, i did not sleep and get confirmation link after two days.
But the guy played from my redirect.


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These are good ideas in establishing a good and expanding market. It is also helpful to conduct surveys or check out the web on the hottest trends in various industries so one can align a business to his or her passion.