How big is your hard drive?

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Miss Miaow

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Okay, I'm not talking about the actual size. I'm talking about the gigabytes.

Me, I have 2 hard drives - one is 80 G and another one is 40 G. Both are not enough for my files so I always have to burn using my DVD burner. It's time consuming! So, I'm now saving up for a 300 G hard drive.


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just to be greedy I have got several

Laptop 80Gb
My Pc 80Gb and 40Gb
Server 130Gb

and an external (usb) 250Gb full of music so I can use it on different machines or for DJ'ing on my laptop.


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My HD is 160GB --> it's suitable for my current needs, but I still need to get an external HD so that I can use it for backups. After my last HD died, I've learned the importance of precaution.


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I've got a 100GB in my laptop. I have a 4 in my desktop: 80GB, 80GB, 40GB, and 5GB.

I use the 5GB for my Windows partition (C:) & the rest for storage.


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Ive got 80gb in my laptop and two 1TB in an external drive caddys, keep all of my original .iso backup's on it plus iso's of ever recovery disk ive ever worked on.

Both have the same data on it like a raid i case one breaks.


I have 110gb's of hard drive, but I find Vista uses 60gb just to run the damned thing! So it's not enough!
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