Help Me/Question How Can I Analyze My Keywords?

Doominic anderson

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For getting good keywords which exceed heavy traffic on your blog,first check it's monthly search,which you have already done, you have to check the total result given by google for the particular keyword.
If you divided the total result given by google by it's monthly search,if the resultant is 10 or less than 10,you got good keywords and if the result exceeded from 20,you should search another keywords.

steve taylor

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Keyword analyzing is the very simple task. Keyword should be high searched and website related to keyword should less as much as possible . If in the any search engine keyword is searched by people is more and search engine result is less then that keyword is best for your website . Keyword must be related to your website article.

Manish Mishra

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You need to discover the niche of your website, compare the keywords if that matches your website theme. You are also aware of what are you going to do with your keywords and that will help you figuring out if these keywords are appropriate or not.

You can also pick those keywords and use any keyword tracking tool, like Google Adwords and figure if they are all okay for your website, if not, you can change the keywords straight away.


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There are so many keyword analysis tools available. So you can use any keyword analysis tool and check your keyword rank for your website.
You can also use Google adwords for keyword research and your keyword ideas. Keyword is main important part for website. If your keyword get high ranking so you will gain more and more traffic for your website and website content.

Zirkon Kalti

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You must determine the competition level of the niche keyword. The more competitions the keyword has, the harder it will be to rank for it. Low competition keywords are not targeted by many websites so it is easier to rank for it.