Help Me/Question How Can I Collect Huge Email For Email Marketing ?


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Email marketing is very important for any internet marketing and affiliate marketing.So, I want to do email marketing.To need huge email for email marketing.I wanted to know how can I get huge email freely.
Do you mean that you wanna get a lot of subscribers, right? First of all, what are you trying to promote? What are your intentions to them? If your intentions are just to promote them without giving them free information or stuff like eBook or video, for sure you won't succeed with email marketing. Basically, you will subscribe to a free autoresponder like Listwire, create your squeeze page and optin form, and promote it to your targeted audience. To gain more subscribers in your newsletter, just keep promoting it on various sources like forums, social media, etc. I hope this helps you a bit man. Let me know if you still have anything to ask.


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Creating remarkable email content is the topmost priority that an owner should do. If you currently have email subscribers, you should encourage them to share and forward your emails. Aside from adding links that will route to your mail, you can also conduct online contests and promos.

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I you want to collect email , there are no external source which provide email for your website promotion and email marketing . There is a need of your website . Through website you can collect emails of those customers who is really interested in your website content . We have to create sign up form news subscription , and latest information form through which we can collect email.


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Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.