Help Me/Question How Can I Earn Form Adsence.

niranjan kumar

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i have a video website that are some feature like YouTube. There are a lot of video available or i can say there are all new or updated video are available after few hours that on YouTube. But i don't know how i monetized my website on adsence.


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First you have to create your google adsense account. But if you want to apply for google adsense account then you must have a blog or a website with good content and design, website and blog must follow the google webmaster rule. Once you get the google adsense account then you can register your you tube channel to google adsense for earning money.


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AdSense in addition content web sites is also accessible for videos, games, mobiles and search products. It is a free and easy way to earn money from your YouTube videos. Actually, each time one of your audience clicks on an ad on your YouTube channel or on anyone of your video, ultimately you get paid a specific amount of money.