How can i find good quality traffic for my website

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Hello everyone,

Please I need to build up traffic for my website and I am thing of paid traffic, is it the way:confused: IF so, there is alot of company to go with, who are the best company to go with. Who will you reccomend:confused:


Hi :)

I think it's a lot better doing linkexchanges.
There are a few good paid linkexchange sites on the internet.
And can bring you a lot of traffic.

In the long run, it's much cheaper than buying traffic.
But it takes time and a lot of work.


Jason :)

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What I think you should do is design or get someone to create for you an eye catching signature, then register and post at as many forums as you can, and make sure you have your sig link pointing to your site :)


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Link exchanges are good for PR but they generally bring little traffic. For instance, if you are a new site and you do a link exchange with another new site. You both probably get very little traffic and will produce very little clicks. The chances of you getting a link exchange with a large, well established site (being a new site) will be very slim if non-existent.

Try google ads (pay per click) or buy clicks from stumbleupon. These two methods actually generate "real" people clicking on your site rather than 1,000 visitors from 50 proxy servers ran by a bot.
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