Help Me/Question How Can I Password Protect Few Pages On My Website?

Pooja Sharma

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I need help in password protecting few pages of my website. Is programming required for this or I can add widgets? I just want to make my website secure as it will contain my articles which I don't want to be copied.Is there any other way to do it? The users who have signed up can easily access my articles.

Prasoon Arora

White Belt
In order to make your website pages password protected you may change the access from public to private and password protect your website.

You may need to create the respective user account and provide the access to the files.
After you have created the user account ,you may change the access to your subdirectory or files from public to private.
Respective users can only access the given authorized files.


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For adding a password in specific page of your website.
Login in to your website builder account.
Go to manage menu and Click on the password protection option.
After that choose your option like add password or remove password.
And apply a user name and Password for your selected page.


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If you are talking about Wordpress, then I am sure their might be a plugin for your requirement. If you are thinking to build your own secured pages, then use a script so you can recover the passwords if forgotten and also it can be maintained for a large articles.