Help Me/Question How Can I Start E-commerce Business For Grocery.

niranjan kumar

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I want to start my own ecommerce business on grocery. But i have no idea about e-commerce startup, such as product purchase and home delivery work, and how can i generate leads for it.

steve taylor

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You want to set up a business with grocery product your idea is very good but I think this business is not open a single person grocery product is daily need of our life once you setup a online grocery product business it is grow up very fastly due to very less number of website are available is matching your idea. I suggest you open up your grocery business then after think about that how to increase your business.
Online grocery is a successful business model.the market is set to become an exciting space and experience exponential growth in India because Indian population coming online rapidly. Online grocery business is expected to grow at a rate is high rapidly.
some of the basic steps involved in setting up a grocery store.
1) decide a coverage area and observe locations.
2) grocers in the area meet and discuss the plan for partnership.
3) delivery modules according to customers.
4) setup a website for grocery
5) Consider investment and observe growth graph.
6) Advertise with social media.


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I just checked some sample sites and most of them having fruits, can you sell them too? Opening an online store is easy, but you need more funds, area, employees that would deliver everything, etc.

I suggest you first setup offline business, then start to offer on the internet for better profits. The store should have fresh items so that every customer should have cheerful experience. Take help from the established business people so that it shouldn't fail at any stage.

Doominic anderson

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You have chosen a great business idea and you have to work hard to make your business large and attract customers.
I suggest you to make a flow chart of your steps that how you will start it and what are requirements you need to set up like what products you are going to sell,you need a website,you have to do seo for your website to get more customers e.t.c.
After that you need some people who can work for you to deliver your products,initially you should start from a specific city after that you can spread your area.

Zirkon Kalti

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All you need is a reliable vehicle for going to the supermarket and a cell phone to communicate with your customers. Becoming a grocery shopper not just give you the opportunities to earn extra income but you also get the chance to help seniors or handicapped people. You will need to order some business cards to hand out to your prospective customers. Besides, you also need to invest in flyers where you can leave at the local senior center.
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If you want to come on online of your grocery business then it best thinking but you need some investment because in the website we put proper image, rate, quality and shopping option for the every kind of visitors. they can directly shopping online.

Pooja Sharma

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It is a nice idea for business start up but you should keep few points in mind like what all you will sell, time to deliver etc. You should be in touch with different vendors in different locations and make a network so that you will not have to run for everything.

Prasoon Arora

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I have one of my friend who have just started his online store by focusing on these mentioned factors :
To provide as much varieties of products that can be consider by customers or visitors.
Generating leads by all age people having the corner for all.
Providing the home delivers by mentioning the approx time that can be taken to reach covered destination.
Giving the clear list of terms and conditions, as this is where customer dissatisfaction comes from.