Help Me/Question How Can We Make Our Website Good Enough Which Takes Less Time To Open In Any Browser?

Doominic anderson

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It is very important that our website takes minimum time to open,means it should be easily open in any browser.
When we upload our website on server and if it created heavy load on server it is not good for our website.
How can we make our website good enough that it is easily open in any browser in less time?


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You have to use pre-built themes that are made responsive, for better loading optimize good Css and remove images as much as you can. Get a better host that will offer great speeds. Remove unwanted codes from theme so the page loads even much faster.

steve taylor

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These are the some factor which makes webpage to load faster. Don’t use any unnecessary content like comment, white space etc. You can also use code compressor software which reduce the code complicity. Another factor is use CSS and JavaScript external Its also helps to load webpage faster.

niranjan kumar

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it's not a very hard work, if you have a good knowledge of website design and seo you can make a website that loaded in minimum time. There are a new techniques that called Accelerated mobile page (AMP) you can also use this one for decrease loading time of a website.

Prasoon Arora

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There are number of hosting providers who have built their basic site builder in a way that websites are accessible in less time when opened from any browser or devices. You may choose such site builder for building your website as the themes and plugins and predesigned templates do not take much time to get the website loads.


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There are so many factor if you website take more time when loading, But you can decrease your website loading time. Such as if you use .jpg image in your website just convert in .png and take small size of picture in your website.